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I no longer have headaches that I was plagued with for so many years.
L. Cooper – Registered Nurse

I've been unable to eat breads, pasta, or any flour products unless they were gluten free for 20 years. I can now eat any flour product with no discomfort.
C. Brown – Teacher

My craving for cigarettes has diminished. I don’t even miss them anymore.
C. Kunti – Business owner

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We Welcome You To INHT

Welcome to The Institute of Natural Health Technologies located in Oakville, Ontario, Canada. We have developed and patented a new, non-invasive, drug free modality that enables the body to create natural balance known as Homeostasis, therefore alleviating suffering.

Homeostasis is a state of body equilibrium or stable internal environment of the body.Students Learning

It is so important that most disease and/or illness is regarded as a result of its disturbance, a state called Homeostatic Imbalance. In general, the body is in homeostasis when its needs are being adequately met and is functioning smoothly.

Our patented modality uses bio-energy principles. The GSR-120 unit that is used to direct energy directly onto specific points on the body to help create a homeostasis state, therefore alleviating suffering. We do not support any claims to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease or medical condition in which a physician's medical license is required.

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